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PT 2.0

Your data is valuable, but insight is priceless...

Our world revolves around who can react the fastest to market changes. We help businesses develop their business information strategies to generate actionable insights and drive performance.

We operate across the globe to help small to medium businesses realise the value of their data by employing the same tools and techniques used by larger international companies.

What We Offer

Relationships. Insight. Knowledge.

Most technologies will offer you a solution or a tool, but lack the business acumen to execute and embed the solution into your organisation. We have a dedicated team of professionals that design not only the solution, but help implement it in your business.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

...or what you don't know about what you don't know...

Many businesses have a wealth of data at their disposal; that they either are unaware they have, or are unsure what to do with it. We have helped businesses who are running common industry systems to realise the insights that can be achieved through a proper analysis platform.

We have run data analysis programs concentrating on:

  • Sales pipelines

  • Inventory management systems

  • Financial reporting

  • Staff performance & efficiency

  • Logistics

  • Exception reporting

  • Real-time alerts

Data Integrity

...or making sure what you want to know, has a certain quality about it...

Data Integrity

For years, what has separated cutting-edge businesses from those trailing behind, is the quality of their data. In today's world, you need to possess quality data before considering options like process automation.

We work with businesses that want to automate tasks and improve process efficiency, but lack the quality data to implement such solutions.

We help you to improve the quality of your data before implementing data analytics or process automation solutions.

We have developed tools that can help you raise the integrity of your data and stay on top of it!

Process Automation

...or doing the right things, and letting computers handle the rest...

Process Automation

Technology constantly changes, but businesses often struggle to keep up. We help businesses identify processes that can be automated or improved, allowing for greater operational efficiency and reducing effort, allowing for growth whilst maintaining staff levels.

We tackle this with a simple approach:

  • Identify systems and processes that add no value to the business' operations and remove these from the operational chain

  • Automate processes that can be performed without human involvement

  • Optimise remaining business processes to make them more efficient

Other services

...the things we do, that you might not think we do ...

We love systems and technology.  As a result there are a number of other services we offer

  • Benchmarking - we run bench marking programs for industry groups across Australia and New Zealand

  • Project Management - every technology project needs a plan.  We have helped clients be their representatives with software vendors to help look after their best interests.

  • Data Analytics Training - we have conducted training sessions with Accounting and advisory firms to help them upskill their workforce.

  • Coaching and Mentoring - having spent over a decade running Accounting and Advisory firms, we offer coaching and mentoring for directors and practice managers on how to improve their practice.

  • System Improvement - Accounting firms are you tired of not being able to report, things taking too long and your system being unfit, we've helped many firms improve their systems and processes.  If you are a MYOB or Reckon APS firm we have strategies and insights to help you get the most out of your software.

Other services
Contact Us

Contact Us

We always want to hear from you at PT 2.0. Contact us today to find the customised technology solutions that best fit your needs.

(07) 4659 6700

Suite 6, 618 Ruthven St
Toowoomba, Qld 4350

Level 2, 13/22 Baildon St

Kangaroo Point, Qld 4169


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