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PT 2.0 Position Statement on AI

At PT 2.0, we are converts of technology and embrace it in our daily work and personal lives.

We believe that artificial intelligence (AI), including the now infamous ChatGPT, can significantly enhance our capabilities and as a leading data analytics business we are committed to leveraging AI in a responsible and ethical manner to complement our skills, with a focus on creating value for our clients.

The benefits of AI are increasingly well known, including the efficiencies and enhanced decision support it can provide when utilised correctly and with proper instruction. It is our view that AI can assist in providing expanded capability for business as it develops.

We also acknowledge that the use of AI carries inherent risk around ethical considerations, as well as the potential for bias and discrimination in processing, and concerns around data security and privacy.

This is a new technology that will evolve very quickly, and we are committed to exploring this technology and investigating its use case in improving business performance and profitability for our clients and for PT 2.0.

As such, PT 2.0 is committed to implementing appropriate governance and oversight measures to ensure AI is used responsibly within our business. It does not replace the skills and experience of our team and is used as a tool to test our assumptions and assist with efficiencies, all under the strict oversight of our data analysts. Our work product remains our own and while it is not the work of any AI product or service, we see scenarios where AI may help with validation and review of technical aspects of solutions.

Being technologists, we also appreciate the impact on the human workforce of AI and are committed to upskilling our team, and the teams we work with, to take advantage of these emerging technologies.

At PT 2.0, we believe that AI has the potential to revolutionise modern day business operations and are committed to using this technology in a responsible and ethical manner. We will continue to monitor and evaluate our systems, working with our clients and partners to ensure that we are using AI to create value and improve business outcomes.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with your business to explore how AI can be integrated safely into your business.

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