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Services for Accountants

Enabling advisory services for your firm

Developing your business is not about working harder, it's about embracing change and technology to open up new services and improve profitability.
We work with firms across Australia and New Zealand to help not only provide additional services, but to ensure we enable firms to match the pace of change with technology and in the industry.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is about generating insights by observing, measuring and modelling data to discover trends. We do this by talking with you and your clients, to understand the business, its systems and processes, its pain points and how we can use data analytics to improve performance and profitability.

We do this with you to ensure the strategy you have set with your clients meets their analytics and reporting needs.

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Upskilling your team

Have you heard the news about the impact of data analytics and Power BI?
See it as an advisory service to offer internally?
We offer hands-on workshops in your office where we will show you how to user Power BI and how these services cam offer value to your clients.

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Practice Management Systems

With changes in technology, firms are seeking ways to improve their practice management systems; in some cases they are after a brand new system. Other times, firms are looking for ways to improve the quality and data integrity of their current system.

We have worked with firms to:

  • Audit systems and current processes

  • Select and implement a new practice management system

  • Improve data integrity


Performance Benchmarking

It can be hard to find real metrics on firm performance on a regular basis.
We currently run a benchmarking program across 16 accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand, where firm performance is regularly measured and reported in a consistent manner, allowing for accurate comparisons.

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Process improvement & automation

"That's the way we've always done it," is a reason we always hear as to why a process needs to be done a certain way.
With improvements in technology, we have been able to help firms remove redundant processes, automate others and optimise those processes that can't yet be automated.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes it takes another person to help you build a better practice and keep you accountable; after all, you do it for your clients, but who helps you?
With decades of experience and involvement in dozens of similar firms, we are able to offer coaching and mentoring, to help you improve your practice, whether you're looking for advice on new revenue streams, pricing arrangements, or even staff performance expectations, it's important to have someone to help you reach your goals.

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