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Save time. Create value.

Replace manual month-ends with automated management reporting using Power Packages by PT2.0.


You are an advisor,
not a number cruncher.

​Our management reporting packages use Microsoft Power BI and the Etani Business Platform to create an automated, professional presentation of Xero management reports that start conversations and get to a-ha moments.

Features of Power Packages by PT2.0 

  • Automated

  • Updated daily

  • Consolidates Xero files

  • Easily customisable to your brand and terminology

  • Accurate via direct data feed

  • Saves time

  • Starts conversations

  • Maintenance and support

  • Set-up training session included

  • Showcases you as tech-savvy

Each management reporting pack includes:

  • Sales Analysis

  • Break-even Analysis

  • Expense Analysis

  • Profit & Loss in multiple formats, plus projections

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash-flow Statement

  • Debtor and Creditor reporting

  • Much more...

Power Packages are only $500 per month on a 24-month subscription package.

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Who is it for?

  • Businesses trying to move past reporting and get straight to insight

  • Want to easily consolidate and speed up reporting

  • Businesses wanting to adopt leading-edge Business Intelligence Tools

What's included?

  • Automated management reporting pack for use with Xero

  • Monthly maintenance

What's the cost?

​$2,000 set-up fee and $500 monthly subscription based, on 24 months.

+ Etani Business Plan Subscription - $360/month

All prices GST Exclusive

Save time. Create value.
Start your Power Packages journey today.

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Am I locked in?

The true benefit of our packages is demonstrated over time to create value, not just report numbers. Our packages are based on a minimum 24-month commitment.

Do I need any other subscriptions?

Power Packages are based on the Etani Business Platform and you will need a subscription with Etani to use the packages.

What are the alternatives?

There are many alternatives, all involving traditional, manual, time-consuming busy work that clients see little to no value in. Our packages offer engaging, discussion led analysis that translates into hours of advisory conversations and no ongoing overheads.

Sounds awesome, but I want something a little different.

No worries. The PT2.0 team offers customisations for your needs. If you are after something completely out of the box then let's do it and create your bespoke system.

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