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Data Integrity for your business

Keeping your data clean is easy . . . if you know where to find the bad data!

The biggest challenge most businesses face is not being able to fix their data, but identifying where the data is not up to scratch in the first place.!


We help fix this issue by interrogating your database and using business rules to help you identify where the data is missing and needs to be cleaned up.  This gives you real-time access to most of your data integrity issues without anyone having to run reports.

How to keep your data up-to-date

Real-time reporting

PT 2.0

Integrity Tool


SQL Alerting

Show all client data

Focus on data exceptions

Drill down on data

Prioritise data to clean

See trends and improvement

Increase accountability

Write back changes to APS

Real-time reporting

Information gets updated in real-time, no need for someone to run a report, just open and the latest information is presented 24 hours a day.

Drill-down on bad data

See detailed information about where the data is incorrect and categorise it by Partner, Manager, Department, office ... your choice!

Increase Accountability

We provide trend analysis to show where your data is being cleaned and where not.  Help keep your team about the integrity of their data!

Reckon APS Write-back

If you use Reckon APS we provide the functionality for you to not only report data integrity issues but also fix them immediately from inside the application with our integrated API.

Focus on data exceptions

Don't try and update everything, concentrate on the items that mean the most to your business, the errors and missing information about your clients!

Prioritise your data

Not all data is created equally, and as such should not be cleaned equally!  Prioritise which data is going to give you the biggest bang for buck and start there!

Power BI report integration

See more detailed analysis through Power BI reporting tools.  See how far your team has progressed, where they need to focus and who the data stars of your team really are!


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