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Is your domain name secure?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

From 24 March 2022, a new legion of domain names will be available for Australian businesses.

The ".au" domains provide the ability to have a shorter and easier to remember URL for your business.

Why should you get another domain?

There are several benefits to having multiple domain names:

1. It can protect your brand name from being used by online scammers and fraudulent activity occurring using your name.

2. Purchasing these additional domains will also reduce cyber-squatting - someone purchasing a domain name for the sole purpose of selling it for an inflated price at a later date.

3. The new URL also highlights your Australian presence, showing your business' reliability.

To ensure the security of your domain name, we encourage you to take the appropriate steps for your business as soon as possible.

Your options are:

  • Contacting your current domain provider to ensure they have secured your domain;

  • Directly purchasing domain names through a service provider such as GoDaddy or WebCentral; or

  • Contacting the team at PT 2.0 to assist under a once-off or ongoing service arrangement.


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