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Power BI Update: August 2023

Greetings, data enthusiasts! We're pleased to unveil the latest enhancements in Power BI that are set to refine the way users interact with their data. This update introduces two noteworthy features designed to streamline reporting and data interaction. These innovations aim to enhance the Power BI journey, making it both more efficient and intuitively user-friendly. Let's take a closer look at these developments that promise to redefine your data experience.


New layout switcher

The team has introduced new buttons that let users easily switch between web and mobile layouts while working on their reports. These buttons have been placed at the bottom of the screen, next to the page navigator, making it convenient to toggle between different views while developing the reports. This update aims to simplify the process of checking how reports will appear on both web and mobile devices.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

On-object Interaction - Updates (Preview)

A new feature called "On-Object Interaction" was introduced in preview mode in March. Since then, improvements have been made, and here's what's included in the August release:

Resizing and Positioning of On-Object Menus: Now you can resize the on-object menus horizontally. This is particularly useful when dealing with long field names.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Additionally, the positioning of these menus has been enhanced to make better use of the canvas space. Previously, when a visual was near the bottom of the canvas, the menu appeared very small and required scrolling. But now, the menu moves up and expands into the canvas, allowing easy access to the field options without scrolling.



Used with permission from Microsoft.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

On-Object Format Subselections in Spotlight and Focus Mode: When spotlighting or expanding a visual in focus mode, you can use on-object formatting to subselect and format styles.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

In focus mode, a button has been added to the header to indicate when you're in format mode and how to exit it while staying in focus mode. This addresses the challenge of knowing if you're in format mode, given its subtle border.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

The team appreciates users trying out the new preview and values feedback. They're actively responding to suggestions and making changes to enhance the On-Object Interaction feature. Users are encouraged to provide comments directly on the blog post or through the community forum using the "Share feedback" button next to the preview switch.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Updates to ORDERBY function

Changes have been made to the ORDERBY function, making it more flexible when handling empty spaces in data. Now, you can decide where these blanks appear in the order by using 'BLANKS LAST' or 'BLANKS FIRST'. This is useful when arranging information. For example, consider the expression:

BiggestSpender =
    INDEX (
        ALLSELECTED ( 'DimCustomer' ),
        ORDERBY ( SUM ( 'FactInternetSales'[SalesAmount] ), DESC BLANKS LAST )

You can choose how you want to manage blanks, and this choice can also be combined with setting the sorting direction (DESC/ASC). There are three options for managing blanks:

  • BLANKS DEFAULT: This is the standard setting. For numbers, blank values fit between zero and negative values. For text, blanks come before all strings, even empty ones.

  • BLANKS FIRST: Blanks are placed at the beginning, regardless of whether it's ascending or descending order.

  • BLANKS LAST: Blanks are positioned at the end, regardless of sorting order.

For more detailed information, refer to Microsoft's documentation.


For the rest of the Power BI August 2023 update, click here, or if you would like to discuss Power BI for your business, email or give us a call on +61 746 596 700.


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