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Power BI Update: December 2023

Discover enhanced styling options for column and bar charts in our latest blog post. This month's updates bring practical improvements to Power BI, allowing for seamless customization of formatting options. From transparency controls to border customizations, these features provide added control and polish to your charts. The new Layout card introduces convenient options, ensuring your data is presented with clarity and precision. Explore these updates to refine your data visualization and presentation in Power BI.


More styling options for column and bar charts

This month, there are some great updates to enhance the look of column and bar charts, making data analysis and storytelling even better. You can now easily apply formatting options across all categories or customise them for each series. Additionally, a new transparency control feature allows adjustments to fill colour transparency for the right balance of visibility and design. There's added control with border customisation, allowing precise selection of colour, matching it to the column's fill, and defining width and transparency for a polished look.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

The Layout card has been introduced, offering options like Reverse Order toggle, Sort by Value, Space between categories, and Space between series. For clustered columns and bar charts, users can now choose to Erode or Explode stacked series. Advanced ribbon settings provide more creative freedom, allowing users to highlight a series, match series colours, choose colour selections, adjust transparency, match or select border colours, and define border width and spacing. These features aim to provide users with greater flexibility in presenting data, ensuring that insights stand out clearly and stylishly. Explore these new capabilities to craft compelling narratives with your data in Power BI.

For those seeking comprehensive information about these enhancements, a dedicated Microsoft blog post is available for a deeper dive into the new features introduced for column and bar charts.


Extended customization for data labels

For Power BI users, there's good news this month with extended customisation options for data labels. These updates aim to make data analysis more straightforward and insightful by offering enhanced capabilities. The new Title card feature allows the display of legend fields on data labels and provides the option to omit the legend for a cleaner look. It also enables the customisation of data label titles using different data fields, with adjustable font style, colour, and transparency.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

The Value card simplifies the process of identifying and modifying the active field for data labels, offering customisation options for font, colour, transparency, and a new feature for displaying blank values. The Detail card introduces the inclusion of a secondary metric to data labels, offering a full range of formatting options. Additionally, the new Visual label layout feature lets users choose between a sleek single-line or multi-line data label layout. These enhancements are available for Columns, Bars, Lines, and Ribbon charts, aiming to improve your reporting by enhancing data density.

Explore these features to enhance your data visualisation, and for more detailed information, check Microsoft's dedicated blog post on these new Data label features.


Alerting on your Power BI reports with Data Activator

A recent update introduced Data Activator, a tool that addresses the need for alerting capabilities within reports. You can now set alerts easily by choosing 'Set alert' from the visual context menu or report toolbar. This action opens a pane where they can specify the measure to monitor and the conditions to detect. Once confirmed, Data Activator creates a reflex connected to the Power BI dataset, automatically monitoring the data and sending notifications when the specified conditions are met.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

For those looking to customise triggers for more complex conditions, notify different users, or integrate with Power Automate workflows, Data Activator provides flexibility. Detailed documentation from Microsoft is available at


For the rest of the Power BI December 2023 update, click here, or if you would like to discuss Power BI for your business, email or give us a call on +61 746 596 700.


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