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Power BI Update: July 2023

Prepare to elevate your data visualisation game with the latest Power BI update, packed with thrilling features that make reporting a breeze! Power up your charts and graphs with smoother lines, adding a touch of professionalism to your reports. The new leader lines feature enhances visual connections between data points and labels, making data comprehension a breeze. Additionally, the On-Object Interaction feature has received exciting enhancements, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through data, experience seamless data model editing with relationship validation in the Power BI Service, and dive into a revamped dataset details page for a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of your data.


Exciting Updates: Smoother Charts and Visual Connections!

Great news! A highly requested feature has been launched to enhance the charts and graphs in our reports. Now, creators can make their line and area charts look even more polished and professional with smoother lines. To access this, go to Lines > Shape > Line Type.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Additionally, a new feature called leader lines has been added for both line and area charts. This creates a visual connection between each data point and its corresponding label, making it easier to understand the data. To use this feature, simply go to Data labels > Options > Leader lines.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

But that's not all! There are more improvements coming soon for graphs, charts, plots, and markers in the following months, so get ready for even more exciting updates!


On-Object Interaction (Preview) - New Updates

The on-object interaction feature, released for preview in March, has received more improvements and bug fixes this month.

Customise the Pane Switcher: Now, there's a convenient new "+" button on the pane switcher, allowing users to quickly add new panes without navigating to the View ribbon. The menu also provides a brief description of available panes and their functions. Even better, the panes you add to the switcher are saved across reports, making it a one-time configuration.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

CTRL Click for Multiple Panes: Opening multiple panes is now even easier. Hold down the CTRL key and click on the panes you want to open from the pane switcher. It saves time and makes navigation more efficient.

Treemap Sub-selections Supported: Now, you can make treemap sub-selections, giving you more control and flexibility in visualizing your data.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Bug Fixes: Several annoying bugs have been resolved, including the overlap of on-object buttons on the formula bar, issues with the visual tooltip blocking formatting, and the reflection of the selected visual type in the ribbon visual gallery.


Data Model Editing in Power BI Service (Preview) - New Updates

The data model editing feature in the Power BI Service, released for preview in April, has received significant enhancements based on your feedback.

Creating and editing relationships in the web is now much easier with relationship validation. When you define the properties of your relationship, the system will automatically validate it and provide suitable choices for cardinality and cross-filter selections, just like in Power BI Desktop.


Dataset Details Page Revamp - Enhanced User Experience

The dataset details page has undergone a fantastic revamp, offering a better user experience and new capabilities. Now, when you click on a dataset in the OneLake data hub and workspace view, you'll be directed to the redesigned page with a fresh look and feel, with the below new features:

  1. Actions: You'll find various actions you can perform on the dataset, like creating a report and refreshing the dataset. The latest release also introduces the option to view the refresh history under the refresh menu.

  2. Dataset Metadata: Gain insights into the dataset through its description and last refresh time.

  3. Related Items: Explore related items associated with the dataset to get a broader perspective.

  4. Dataset Schema: Get a comprehensive view of the dataset's tables and columns. Clicking on a table provides a table preview with export capabilities available through paginated reports behind the scenes.

These updates aim to provide you with a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of your data.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

For the rest of the Power BI July 2023 update, click here, or if you would like to discuss Power BI for your business, email or give us a call on +61 746 596 700.


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