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Power BI Update | March 2020

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Power BI recently released their March 2020 update, with some exciting new features. Below, we’ve picked out the most interesting features for accounting firms.

Power BI has had quite the start to 2020 with the past few releases containing a wide array of useful and highly demanded features. The March update is no exception to this with the introduction of multi-column sort for tables and dual-axis line charts!

Multi-column sort for tables

After more than 3,200 votes for the feature in Power BI's UserVoice, the team has delivered on functionality that allows for "Shift+Click" multi-column sorting of table visuals. This is extremely handy for better sorting charts of accounts, transaction data, or other financial information, and removes the need to create a custom column specifically for the purpose of sorting data.

Dual-axis line charts

Another hotly demanded feature, dual-axis line charts, has been released in this latest feature update, making it even easier to display things like net profit over time alongside its associated ratio.

For more information about the features included in the Power BI March 2020 Feature Update, click here.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like some assistance with Power BI reporting or using these new features to get more out of your firm reporting.


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