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Power BI Update | March 2022

Highlighting uncertainty in reporting is an often overlooked topic. This month's Power BI release introduces a new feature that helps provide better transparency of data quality.

Error Bars

Be transparent about the uncertainty in your data.

This month, the Power BI team have released a preview feature allowing for greater transparency of data quality.

The Error Bars preview feature helps highlight the upper and lower bounds of a data point - visually showcasing a more accurate representation of financial forecasting or margins of error in statistical polling.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

There are multiple ways to visualise these upper & lower bounds, including whiskers, lines, shaded areas and markers. The visuals' tooltip also reflects the inclusion of these upper and lower bounds.

Note: This feature is currently in preview and must be manually enabled. To do this, go to “File > Options and settings > Options > Preview features > Error bars”.

Datasets hub improvements

There have also been numerous improvements to the datasets hub in the Power BI service this month.

There is now a new Trusted in your org tab that focuses exclusively on your business's trusted datasets – these are the endorsed datasets. The certified datasets are listed first, followed by the promoted datasets - a great way to help encourage using trusted datasets within your business when people develop their reports, ensuring they all tie back to a singular source of truth.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

For the rest of the Power BI March 2022 update, click here, or if you would like to discuss Power BI for your business, email or give us a call on +61 746 596 700.


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